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I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our tenth review from our toyologist toy box. Today I’m reviewing a Smasha-Ballz, which will be available to buy from Toys R Us before Christmas.

What is a Smasha-Ballz? Smasha-Ballz are furry little creatures that when you hit them, throw them or bash them, they make strange and funny noises. They also start to shake and start to get louder the more you hit them. We received Marzian who is a blue monster with a huge blue eye, orange feet and some odd looking orange ears. He is suitable for ages 3 and over and he requires 3 AAA batteries which are included.

We made a video to show you how this furry little monster works:

What’s good about Smasha-Ballz? This is a fun toy that will appeal to kids who love noisy toys and like a toy that they can throw about and be rough with. Marzian is a good sensory toy as he vibrates and reacts to your childs touch.

Are there any drawbacks to Smasha-Ballz? We didn’t find any drawbacks with Marzian however he hasn’t been played with as much as some of the other toys we received in our toyologist box.

Would I recommend this toy to a friend? Personally I wouldn’t buy this toy as Smasha-Ballz aren’t the sort of toy my children would choose to play with. However, if I knew a friend whose child would enjoy this toy then I’d definitely mention Smasha-Ballz.

We give this a 6/10 – A fun toy but not for us

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